Specially Designed Education Consulting

Services Provided

*Services are not all guaranteed and are based on consultant discretion according to each individual case.

*Length of time of services are billed for are an estimate.

*Consultant is willing to provide services in all 50 states and will work virtually to find solutions.

*Consultant offers a free 30 minute phone consultation.

Initial Phone/Virtual Interview

The consultant will review the intake paperwork that was provided and gather information based on that paperwork and ask further questions if needed.- 30 Minutes

Letter/Email Writing

Consultant will write letters on behalf of parents to request evaluations, reevaluations, request meetings, rebuttals, and provide the school based team an analysis of the cumulative file paired with suggestions for the team to consider.- 10-30 minutes depending on the issue.

Phone calls, emails, and other communication:

These include communication between the consultant and the client.- Varies by situation.

Dispute Resolution:

This is done on a case by case basis at the discretion of the consultant based on the paperwork and data provided. This includes Facilitated IEP meetings, Mediation, and state complaints. We do not handle due process complaints.- Varies by Situation.

Educational Analysis

An analysis of the child’s cumulative file will be the longest part of this in order for the consultant to piece together the needs of the child in the school setting appropriately. The entire file must be provided.- 3-5 Hours depending on the amount.

Educational Analysis Consultation

The consultant will meet with the parent to provide an in depth description of the cumulative file and work with the parent to come up with goals for their child based on the analysis.- 1-2 Hours

Meeting preparation and attendance:

Meeting attendance will take place at consultant convenience due to limited scheduling. Meeting preparation is prepared ahead of time as an agenda and forwarded to the school team.- 1 hour


The consultant is willing to keep up on the progress your child is making by providing periodic reviews throughout the school years of information and data provided in school paperwork.- Varies by Situation.